JXBHgran Vulcanization Accelerator TBBS Accelerator TBBS(NS)-80

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  • FOB Price: US $0.75 - 6.5 / Kilograms
  • Min.Order Quantity: 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
  • Packaging Details: For 25kg/box
  • Port: Ningbo Port
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    Vulcanization Accelerator Sulfenamides Colloidal Particles TBBS-80
    Beige particles
    About 1.09 g/cm3
    25 kg/box
    CAS number:
    Tread ,Hose ,Conveyor Belt , Soles
    Sample Time:
    3-5 days
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    Composition:    80% N – tert-butyl – 2 – benzo thiazole sulfonamide
    20% of carrier and dispersion agent 

    Appearance: Beige particles

    Density :about 1.09 g/cm3 

    Ash :≤8% 

    Function :Make the rubber vulcanization accelerator JXBHgran TBBS – 80 has a longer scorch time, processing and high security and curing speed. Can be use in the low sulphur vulcanization, either with dithiocarbamate salts or promoter and thiuram category. And dithiocarbamate salts promoter and thiuram promoter and rubber vulcanization rate will reduce obviously. JXBHgran in thiourea accelerator TBBS – 80 has obvious secondary role, especially in low sulfur rubber, JXBHgran TBBS – 80 can be delayed coke burning.

    Dosage :

    NR: the main promoter: 0.5 1.0 PHR and 2.5 3.5 PHR of sulfur and used; 

    Second promoter: 0.5 PHR and 0.3 PHR of mercaptan promoter or thiuram class 1.5 3.5 PHR of sulfur and accelerator

    SBR: 1.0 1.4 PHR and 0.2 PHR thiuram class 1.5 2.5 PHR of sulfur and accelerator.

    Application: Can be used in tire surface, rubber hose, conveyor belt, rubber shoes etc. It is widely used in production of meridian tyre.

    Packing :25 kg/carton

    Storage :A cool and dry condition, the storage period of at least one year.

    N – tert-butyl – 2 – benzothiazole sulfonamide:
    Chemical Name :Pennac TBBS

    Formula :C11H14N2S2

    molecular weight :238.37

    CAS number :95-31-8

    Technical index:       

    Appearance:Gray-white powder
    Initial melting point:≥105.0℃
    Heating loss:≤0.30%
    Screenings 150μm:≤0.10%
    Screen tailings 63μm:≤0.50%

    This product is natural rubber, polybutadience rubber, isoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and aftereffect of reclaimed rubber accelerator, especially suitable for containing alkaline stronger carbon black rubber. Safe operating temperatures, scorch resistance is strong, fast curing rate, high tensile modulus, proportion can improve the use of synthetic rubber. Low toxicity and efficient, it is an ideal substitute for NOBS, excellent comprehensive performance, is called the standard promoter. With aldehyde amine, guanidine, thiuram and accelerator, and antiscorching agent PVI (CTP) and use, form a good vulcanization system.

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